My Skin Care Regime

Almost everyone has had a bad skin day, but the fact of the matter is that it’s usually your long-term treatment of your skin that creates issues. So, to avoid bad skin days, you have to take care of your skin every day…or at least as many days as you can.

(Of course, some of us have troubled skin for long periods of time, and this can, naturally, be distressing and at times, painful).

So prevention is the best cure; skin care being incredibly important to keep the skin healthy and clear. That being said, here is my skin care regime.

Morning and Evening

  1. Warm the brush attachment for my facial cleansing brush under a running warm tap; I use Touch Beauty’s waterproof 3 in 1 facial cleansing brushImage result for touch beauty 3 in 1 facial
  2. Dot cleanser on cheeks, forehead and chin. I’ll add a little to the brush sometimes as well. The cleanser I’m using at the moment is Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser.Image result for paula's choice pore normalizing cleanser
  3. Warm silicone/sensitive attachment under warm water(adding more cleanser if needed), use this around delicate areas (eyes, eyebrows, nose piercing etc).Related image
  4. Pat dry with tissue (towels harbour bacteria).
  5. Moisturise skin with organic rosehip oil; I’m currently using The Ordinary’s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil.


  1. For dry/flaky areas of skin:
    • After using silicone attachment (step 3) warm the sponge attachment and run over problem areas.
    • Carry on with usual steps, but add more oil to dry areas after initial oil had sunk in.
  2. For spots:
    • Make sure all facial brushes are washed extra thoroughly, and that pillow cases are changed as frequently as possible.
    • Apply spot cream to problem areas at night; currently, I’m using AcneFree’s Maximum Strength Terminator 10. It reduces redness and contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, which reduces acne-causing bacteria. Note: It does dry out the areas it’s applied to, apply oil the following morning to counteract.61kdry2mczl-_sy355_
  3. For oiliness:
    • My current cleanser generally keeps my oils under control, but if needed, I make sure the areas that are getting oily are well moisturised. My preference at the moment is the rosehip oil, but as long as your skin is clean and your moisturiser of choice can thus get into the skin, the oiliness should normalise with time.
    • If no improvements are seen, regular exercise and diet can often contribute.

And that’s it! I find that it takes me 5 minutes roughly when all necessary extras are added in. My skin has been so much clearer and healthier since I established a solid routine/regime, and much easier to manage in general; it’s easily the best decision I’ve ever made.

Let me know about your skin care must have’s below, I’m interested to hear your go to’s!

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