NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation Review

Hiya! Today I’m here with a foundation review; NYX’s HD Studio Photogenic Foundation. Can be found on eBay, here.


NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation in 04 Sand Beige

I got my bottle in the shade 02 soft beige, I was between this and 04 sand beige, but ended up going with 02 as it seemed lighter when blended out, even if it did seems slightly more orange/red toned; as you can see below.


So let’s get right on into the review! NYX claims;

“Flawless-looking skin is no longer just for celebrities and models! Now available in 12 new blendable shades, our peptide-infused HD Studio Photogenic Foundation uses light-diffusing technology to enhance the appearance of silky-smooth skin. Achieve a picture-perfect look anytime you’re in the spotlight.”

On the bottle;

  • High Definition.
  • Mineral-enriched.
  • Talc-Free.
  • Paraben Free.
  • Good for all skin types.
  • Soften lines.
  • Light diffusing effect is perfect for studio photos.
  1. (Note: Peptides are compounds consisting of two or more amino acids. They are often included in beauty products as they can reverse the signs of ageing, particularly by reducing the appearance of wrinkles).

02 Soft Beige – half a pump


Top – smeared thickly. Bottom – lightly blended.

I was a little surprised to see that it was true to colour, to be honest. The swatches on line seems to accurately portray the shade, and once blended out it matches my skin tone really well (ignoring how my inner arms are very pale in comparison to my face and neck).

I don’t want to say it dries to a powder finish, because it isn’t dry at all; it’s more as if the foundation melds into your skin, adding a blanket of undetectable coverage. It’s very skin like, which is something I’ve been struggling to find recently.

Foundations usually crease unforgivingly in my laugh lines and under my eyes, but this foundation surprised me! My laugh lines were left untouched and look as they do when I wear no makeup, and my under eyes creased minimally, though there was still some creasing.

The photos below are after 11 hours of wear, and though faded around the sides of my nose and the adjoining area of my cheek, it was holding up gracefully and maintained the majority of its initial coverage.

There was no caking or gathering, and also no separation on my chin or between my eyebrows which is where I usually get separation and caking. This is always an issue for me(especially on my chin), and yet it didn’t happen in the slightest!

Contour, blush and highlight all still in place at the 11-hour mark.


Foundation after 11 hours of wear.

So how does this hold up to its claims? Pretty well!

  • Definitely smoothed my skin out, and looked better in photos and real life in comparison to other foundations.
  • I don’t know if it really smoothed out lines, but it didn’t emphasise them. I don’t usually have creases at my smile lines, but other foundations make it look as if I do. This did not.
  • The foundation looked equally as good on my oily, dry and normal areas; so I’m going to say it’s likely to work for all skin types, as claimed.
  • I particularly appreciated that I could easily blend less over the bridge of my nose (to let my freckles show through) and more heavily over my jaw and cheek without hassle, the two areas blended easily and seamlessly.

So, down to my rating. I’ll be rating products based on 5 key aspects; Application, Wear, Shade Range, Price and Packaging.

  1. Application: Minimal effort needed, able to seamlessly vary coverage across the face and not have stark transition lines. Did not emphasise dry areas or fine lines. Finish is very skin-like. 5/5.
  2. Wear: Foundation held up really well, faded gracefully and didn’t end up settling into fine lines or textured areas as the day progressed. Though faded minimally, there was a loss of coverage/pigment around the nose area. 4/5.
  3. Shade Range: From what I can tell, 108 California Tan is the deepest shade they do, and to be fair, it’s darker than other drug store brands. This shade is very red toned though, so comes off as a more burnt sienna or umber colour; I don’t know if this would work for those with very deep skin tones, nor those with a different undertone. The shade range covers a good number of Tan shades, with lighter shades also. 01 Nude is the lightest shade, but is a little yellow toned, so again may not work for all. 3/5.
  4. Price: For a drugstore foundation this is getting up there in price (£14) with the likes of No7, but isn’t over extortionate, especially not for its performance; this easily outperforms my Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, and no other drugstore foundation I’ve tried can compare. The closest to this performance I’ve found is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light Foundation, but this is considerably more expensive. I opted to find it cheaper elsewhere, thank you eBay! 4/5.
  5. Packaging: Lightweight but sturdy. Pump included and said pump allows for great control over the amount of product dispensed. 5/5.

Overall: 4.2 stars.

4 stars

I hope you found this review useful, let me know your thoughts! I can review the other foundations mentioned if they’ll be useful, if I do I’ll link them in later.

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